Success Stories

We have sent patients to Dr. Marsh’s office over the last seven years and have always felt confident that they were going to receive the very best care possible.  We highly recommend him as one of the finest chiropractors in our county.”   Richard R. Samuel, MD  – Family Practice and Urgent Care

“I’ve suffered from post-car accident chronic neck and back pain and terrible migraines two to five times a week for years. By age 23, I’d already resigned myself to a lifetime of this, and didn’t think I even COULD feel better. I’d tried various treatments, but I’d always been terrified of chiropractors. With some urging from my husband and on the strong recommendations of two friends who see Dr. Marsh, I decided to give it a shot. When I walked out of my first appointment, I could turn my head all the way, left and right, for the first time in nearly five years – full range of motion! I was so happy I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Within weeks, my headaches were near-nonexistent – down to once a month or so, from 15 to 20 originally! Dr. Marsh has been great. I always enjoy his friendly and kind attitude when I come in, and his professional abilities are amazing. I give him my highest recommendation for anyone considering coming to him for treatment!”  –  Shannon – Hayden, ID

Dr. Marsh is the best chiropractor I have ever been to.  He is skilled and knowledgable and the office is a professional, friendly environment.  I recommend Hayden Lake Chiropractic highly!” –  James  – Hayden, ID

“Hayden Lake Chiropractic is the best! Haven’t felt this great in years!”  – Lindsay – Athol, ID

“Dr. Marsh and his staff are very professional and personable. He was recommended to me by my General Practitioner for further treatment of my sore back. After four treatments my back is much better.  Thanks Dr. Marsh.” – Lee – Hayden, ID

“Kevin has been a great help to me over the years. His team provides excellent on site care with massage, muscle warming (hot towels), and of course adjustments. He also gives very helpful advice on stretches and exercises I can do to prevent pain and inflammation on my own.” – Steve – Coeur d’ Alene, ID